When it comes to backyard mosquito control systems in SWFL, there is really only one best solution, the BuzzOFF Mosquito Misting System. Mosquito populations in our area can make it really hard to enjoy your outdoor space without the extreme frustration of pesky buzzing mosquitoes. If you don’t have some sort of mosquito control, you’ll surely end up with itchy, uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous mosquito bites.

In our sub-tropical climate, bug zappers just aren’t going to cut it if you want to use your entire yard for outdoor activities on a regular basis or just sit and enjoy your outdoor area in peace. Insect repellent is helpful, but that doesn’t eradicate the nuisance of those pesky mosquitoes flying around. Not only are they frustrating, but some species of mosquitoes also carry diseases like West Nile virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, and zika virus, among others. If you can take steps to have a mosquito-free backyard, you definitely should!

BuzzOFF of Southwest Florida Backyard Mosquito Control Systems

Mosquito misting systems are automated systems that are used to control mosquitoes and other insects in outdoor areas. Mosquito misting systems are typically used in large outdoor areas such as parks, golf courses, and backyards. They make ongoing mosquito control much easier and are more long-term solutions than some other pest control options.

What is a mosquito misting system?

The systems consist of a series of nozzles that are connected to a tank containing an insecticide solution. The nozzles are connected to a timer and/or remote control, which is used to activate the system at certain times of the day or night. When the system is activated, a fine mist of insecticide is released, killing any mosquitoes and other biting insects in the area. This system is effective for both adult mosquitoes and mosquito larvae.

Customizing your backyard mosquito misting system

When you’re ready to install a backyard mosquito control system, our mosquito control professionals will inspect your desired coverage area and create a custom plan for your outdoor spaces. No two locations are the same, so we will discuss your specific treatment plan that we suggest for the most effective solution.

The system’s tank, lines, and nozzles are always placed inconspicuously so they do not change the look of your backyard and outdoor areas. The automated mosquito system will be well-disguised with home and landscaping elements.

Investing in your mosquito misting system

Your automatic mosquito misting system is an investment that will yield many returns. The desire to enjoy our outdoor spaces is part of the reason we live in beautiful SWFL! Not only will you have that opportunity, but you will also save money in the long-run on pest control visits and treatments.

We always provide free estimates for all of our services. We are also happy to work with your landscaper or builder to integrate this system into your new home. Contact us for your free consultation and estimate today.

How your mosquito misting system installation works

Installation can usually be completed in a day, depending on the size of the desired coverage area. Our mosquito control specialists are very detail oriented and will take great care while working on your property. The tank, lines, and spray nozzles will all be installed in the predetermined and approved locations and then the system will be programmed for the automatic application of insect repellant.

What little maintenance the system requires, such as refilling tank levels, and general upkeep will also be set on a regular schedule at that time.

Why Choose BuzzOFF’s mosquito misting system?

Our mosquito control specialists are leading the competition in the knowledge of outdoor misting systems and pest control services in general. We provide the best mosquito control and value customer service most of all.

Barrier Treatment: An Alternative Backyard Mosquito Treatment Option

If you need to get rid of annoying insects, but our mosquito misting system isn’t an option you want to consider at this time, our barrier treatments are the next best thing. These treatments are cost-effective and will rid your outdoor spaces of annoying mosquitoes just as effectively. The difference will be in the frequency of visits from our mosquito control technicians.

Barrier treatments must be completed every 2-4 weeks. These treatments can be done only during mosquito season or year round. Since SWFL has warm weather all year, it’s a good idea to keep these services up to prevent a reinfestation in your yard and outdoor spaces. During warm weather, even in our Florida winters, your outdoor areas can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, making outdoor activity much less enjoyable. Ongoing pest management is the best solution to this problem.

Remember that there are things you can do to make your outdoor spaces less appealing to mosquitos and help reduce the mosquito population. When it comes to pest control, a combination of approaches is always suggested for the best results. Read our blog post, Creating a Mosquito Free Backyard to find out the best combination of approaches for mosquito control, and contact us to schedule your free estimate!