BuzzOFF’s barrier mosquito treatments work immediately and keep working for weeks! Our mosquito barrier treatment creates instant results that kill mosquitoes on contact. When you call us, our trained mosquito control technicians will treat your yard, based on a customized plan, with a water-based pesticide spray that eliminates and repels adult mosquitoes for 21 days. 

Using extreme care, our technicians will spray the surface treatment in all target areas and within 30 minutes, your yard will be ready for your family and pets to enjoy. For 2-4 weeks, your outdoor living spaces will be free from those pesky mosquito problems and provide effective disease control from these biting insects that can spread diseases like West Nile Virus.

What Are Mosquito Barrier Treatments?

BuzzOFF mosquito barrier spray chemicals are synthetic forms of pyrethrins, called pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are derived from Chrysanthemum flowers and they have powerful insecticidal properties. The plant has naturally evolved defenses against insects and we use those same properties in those compounds to rid your outdoor living spaces of the threat of mosquito bites.

Pyrethroids are often used in commercial insecticides used to control insects. Some of the products that use these synthetic forms of pyrethrins are household insecticides, pet shampoos, sprays, and lice shampoo for humans. Our mosquito barrier treatment includes a powerful mixture of pyrethroids that not only kill mosquitos on first contact but also work to repel mosquitoes for weeks. It isn’t just effective for mosquitoes. It’s also highly effective protection against fleas, ticks, and some flies and gnats. This makes our mosquito protective barrier treatment especially helpful for protecting children and pets. 

Your BuzzOFF mosquito control technician will inspect your outdoor property and identify any areas where mosquitos like to hide and breed. They will spray your entire outdoor space, paying special attention to those target problem areas. This treatment will have instant results and it brings to foliage and continues to be a potent insect repellent. This continued protection is why this service is called a barrier treatment. It creates a barrier and repels insects from moving into the specified area. 

How Are Mosquito Barrier Treatments Used?

Our pyrethroid blend is a powerful insecticide, but it can be safely used around living areas, even with children and pets. After 30 minutes of drying time for the sprayed area has passed, you and your family and pets can safely continue enjoying outdoor activities around your home. 

The BuzzOFF mosquito barrier treatment is also perfect for business owners and recreational areas that need mosquito control. Keeping visitors to your business’s outdoor spaces comfortable and protecting them from mosquito-borne diseases is easy and can be responsibly handled with our mosquito barrier treatment pest control solution. 

We can create the ideal environment around your residential property, business, and recreational areas such as parks, golf courses, sports fields, fairgrounds, campgrounds, and more with our mosquito barrier treatment. These treatments are also great for areas planning to hold a special event or ongoing events. Enjoy your outdoor activity during the entire mosquito season when the mosquito populations cause real issues with our barrier mosquito treatment. 

Why Choose BuzzOFF’s Barrier Mosquito Treatment?

BuzzOFF goes above and beyond in every form of mosquito treatment we provide. Our mosquito barrier treatments are effective at killing biting, blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks on contact. When we apply your treatment, the results are immediate, but we go beyond that.

Before we begin your mosquito barrier treatment, your BuzzOFF mosquito control technician will thoroughly inspect your outdoor area. This is a crucial step so that any harborage areas or mosquito breeding areas can be identified and targeted. On top of our barrier spray mosquito control treatment, BuzzOFF will then use a mosquito fogger to jet fog those harborage and wooded areas for complete eradication of the mosquito population on your property. 

Before we finish your mosquito barrier treatment, our mosquito control specialists will also address any active mosquito larvae populations in your outdoor spaces and treat them with larvacide. In addition to this, your BuzzOFF technician will make recommendations for areas that should be addressed such as accumulated yard waste, standing water sources, and other things that will attract mosquitoes to your property. 

Since you cannot treat areas outside of your property, the pesky mosquitoes threat will still remain. This is why protective our standard barrier spray treatment is performed every 2-4 weeks in order to keep your treated area free for the safety and comfort of your family and pets.

While some mosquito control companies require a contract for services, with BuzzOFF you are never locked into a contract for 12 months. Our mosquito control can be used for the length of the season or the entire year. Our services are meant to meet your specific needs. That’s why our treatments are fully customizable for effective mosquito control for your personal outdoor spaces.

Scheduling Your BuzzOFF Barrier Mosquito Treatment

BuzzOFF barrier mosquito treatments are the most cost-effective approach to addressing mosquito issues and active larvae populations on your property. To schedule a free consultation for our mosquito control services, call 239-430-0097 or schedule online.