Ant infestations can be one of the most annoying pest issues when it comes to your lawn. They leave trails or even large mounds, can harm the grass, and be difficult to remove. Whether you live in SWFL or elsewhere, you may be wondering how to safely and effectively get rid of ants in your lawn without killing the grass. In this blog post, you’ll find tips on how to make your lawn ant-free without harming your precious grass. Read on to learn more!

How Do I Get Rid of Ants in My Lawn Without Killing the Grass?

There are quite a few different ways that can be effective ways to get rid of or at least deter ants from your lawn using natural methods. Any of these is a great option when you start to see signs of ants like ant trails and mounds, or ant nests.  

1. Boiling Water: Boiling water is one of the easiest and most effective methods for getting rid of ants on your lawn. All you have to do is boil a quart of water and then pour the hot water directly onto the ant mounds or trails that you can see around your yard. That should kill most of the ants in the area. 

2. Boric Acid: Boric acid is a very effective ant killer and it’s also safe to use around pet and children. Sprinkle a small amount of boric acid in areas of high or visible ant activity, and it should help to get rid of them, including around ant hills. 

3. Vinegar: A simple solution of vinegar and water can act as both an ant deterrent and repellent, and it’s safe for your lawn. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and then add it to a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the lawn in areas where there is ant activity.  You can use both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

4. Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a natural product that can be used to kill and deter ants. Sprinkle DE around the yard in areas of high ant activity. There may be a risk of DE being inhaled, so use it with caution. 

5. Remove Ant Attractants: If you keep your lawn well maintained and remove any food sources or nesting opportunities, then you can help to get rid of ants. Things like piles of leaves, fallen fruit, or garbage are all attractive to ants and should be disposed of or kept away to prevent their presence in your lawn. 

6. Natural Insecticides: There are a number of organic and natural insecticides you can use to get rid of ant populations on your lawn. Read labels carefully to see which one is best for you and your family’s safety. 

7. Predators: If you have some of the common predators of ants in your yard, such as frogs or birds, they can also help to reduce the ant population. Be sure to provide them with a safe habitat and food source. 

8. Soapy Water Solution: Use eco-friendly soap and water mixed in the same way you use vinegar and boric acid, by applying dish soap water to the entry points of ant hills and trails. 

Types of Ants in Southwest Florida

There are many different species of ants that can be found in a typical South Florida suburban yard. These include Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Leafcutter Ants, and Crazy Ants. Other species include Big-Headed Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, and Pharaoh Ants.

While all ants come with their downsides, fire ants are an invasive species of ant common in South Florida that seem to cause the biggest issues in our yards. They are notoriously aggressive and they tend to attack and sting people and animals without provocation. 

They can also cause structural damage to buildings and other structures. They are difficult to eliminate because they build extensive colonies that can number in the millions, so it’s important to start control measures as soon as they are noticed. 

Chemical Solutions for Removing Ants

Natural solutions are always a great first step, but ants can be really tough to get rid of! They build a network of tunnels underground, they grow into massive populations in no time with large nests and determined attitudes! A whole ant colony is like an army of insects. For best results when you have a serious ant problem, you might want to look into hiring a professional pest control company. 

Hiring experts to remove a whole colony of ants from your yard is a great idea if the infestation is large and the ant species is difficult to control. Professional pest control services can identify the ant species, provide tips for preventative measures, and will use appropriate treatment methods to help eliminate the ant problem from your yard. Additionally, pest control companies can provide follow-up visits to ensure the problem has been resolved.

Pest control professionals use a variety of techniques to get rid of ants from affected areas in your yard. These can include baits, sprays, dusts, and granular products. Each one of these methods can be tailored to the specific ant species that is present in your yard. A professional pest control service can provide advice on how to reduce or eliminate areas that attract ants but will also provide tips on steps you can take to prevent future infestations.

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