If you have a mosquito problem around your home, it’s likely to be facilitated or made worse by water features. One of the first steps to mosquito control is understanding how to kill mosquitoes in water since that’s where they breed. Mosquito breeding quickly turns to mosquito infestation in SWFL because of our hot, humid weather and our abundance of rainwater. 

Why Killing Mosquitoes in Water is Important 

Killing mosquitoes in standing water is an important practice for a number of reasons. Mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of many dangerous diseases, including malaria, Zika virus, yellow fever, and West Nile virus. By removing or eliminating mosquitoes in standing water, you reduce the chance of disease outbreaks in your yard and even your community. 

Female mosquitoes look for shallow water to lay their eggs, so it’s a main source of infestation. Draining or treating standing water also decreases other nuisances associated with mosquitoes, like unsightly pools of dirty water and the accompanying unpleasant odor. Most important of all, reducing standing water reduces the number of new larval mosquitoes, which helps to reduce the mosquito population and minimizes future concerns.

How To Kill Mosquitoes in Water

When it comes to killing mosquitoes in water, you’re typically dealing with mosquito larvae. These look like small worms at the surface of the water. You won’t usually have issues with these “wrigglers” in fresh, moving water. The issue of mosquitoes in water comes into play with stagnant want. If you have things like rain barrels, a bird bath, old tires, fish ponds, other small ponds, plant pots, or even tree holes that can hold still water, you can easily end up with mosquito larvae in those places.

For best results, to kill mosquito larvae in standing water, you can pour bleach or insecticide directly into the water. You can also use an environmentally-friendly method known as Bti (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis), which is a bacterium that kills mosquito larvae when mixed with water. This is the most effective way and also a safe way to kill mosquitoes at the larval stage. Alternatively, cover the water with mosquito larvae-eating fish, such as guppies or goldfish. Finally, preventing larvae from breeding in the first place by regularly removing or treating standing water. 

Next time rain water collects in those areas, be sure to walk around our yard and empty the excess water that creates a breeding site. For preventive measures in deeper water that you don’t want to remove, like the water in ornamental ponds, try a submersible pump that circulates the water so it doesn’t become stagnant and so the surface of the water isn’t still and welcoming to mosquitoes. 

How to Kill Mosquitoes in Your Swimming Pool

If your swimming pool is kept clean and circulating all year round, you likely won’t have any trouble with mosquitoes in your pool. If it’s not in use in off seasons and not maintained properly, you’ll likely find mosquito larvae enjoying the stagnant water in your spool in early Spring. Try these steps to kill mosquitoes in your pool.

1. Make your swimming pool is adequately chlorinated. This is the most effective method for mosquito control in your pool. Mosquitoes are repelled by chlorine, so a chlorine level of 1-3 ppm is generally enough to keep them away. 

2. Check the pool for any standing water. Even very small amounts of standing water can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so it’s important to be sure that all wet surfaces are properly drained. Anything from drains to pool toys that hold water can be a problem, so check everything. 

3. Use a pool cover. A pool cover will act as a barrier to prevent adult mosquitoes from reaching the water during the day or night. 

4. Install a pool screen. Pool screens are open-weave nets that fit snugly around the pool. They are designed to keep out larger mosquito-attracting objects such as leaves and twigs. 

5. Introduce predators to your pool area. Options include frogs, bats, or dragonflies. 

6. Consider using other mosquito-repelling products. These can include citronella or mosquito-deterrent plants, mosquito traps, and even ultrasound devices.

Hire Professional Pest Control 

The easiest way to kill mosquitoes in water or anywhere on your property is to call in the experts! Mosquitoes are pesky and extremely determined insects and professional mosquito control technicians will know exactly how to deal with them. Contact BuzzOFF of SWFL today to find out how we can help you with your mosquito troubles!