Mosquito control for special events like those annual family reunions is an important consideration in Southwest Florida. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, you also have to consider that they can transmit serious illnesses. There’s nothing worse than having your guests harassed by pesky mosquitoes. It’s a great way to ruin a good time for anyone!

The good news is, instead of allowing these pesky biting insects to take over your event, with the right preparation and use of mosquito control products, the threat of mosquitoes can be minimized. Controlling mosquitoes for special events in Southwest Florida is a unique challenge. While there are general mosquito control tips to consider, including removing sources of standing water and using insect repellent, the outdoor conditions and humidity of this region that creates large mosquito populations require extra steps in order to ensure effective protection. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best practices for mosquito control at special events in Southwest Florida. We’ll discuss how to partner with BuzzOFF to provide safe and reliable protection to keep your guests comfortable and having fun. 

Mosquito Control for Special Events

When you’re planning a special day like a graduation party, outdoor wedding, or birthday party, you might not be considering the number of mosquitoes you’ll have to contend with. Mosquitoes have a very strong presence in SWFL and if you get large groups of people together outdoors, that’s a mosquito magnet and they’ll be right there on the dance floor with your guests, having a great time! This is because more warm bodies mean greater quantities of carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. If the idea of the sight of an entire wedding party swatting away mosquitoes and leaving with mosquito bites makes you cringe, you should consider special event sprays.

A special event spray is a one-time mosquito control spray applied at your event location. These special event treatments are modified mosquito barrier treatments that are customized to prevent the need for an endless sea of tiki torches, mosquito candles, and bug zappers at your otherwise perfect summer party.  

When to Spray for Your Next Outdoor Event

When it comes to effective mosquito control for a special occasion, BuzzOFF prefers to spray the day before an event. The purpose of this is to time event treatment so that the barrier spray treatment will have time to eradicate the biting mosquitoes and their larvae for 24-48 hours before your major event and leave the space safe and ready for your special event. 

Safety Considerations When Spraying for Your Outdoor Event

After your special event mosquito control services have been rendered and the main offenders have died off, there are some important steps you’ll want to take to make sure the treated area is safe and ready to go! First of all, always allow at least a half hour for the mosquito spray treatment to dry. After the dry time has passed, be sure to wipe clean all surfaces such as tables, chairs, and any areas you and your guests will touch or food will be served. If possible, to save time and hassle, put out tables and chairs after bug sprays have been administered. 

Enjoy Your Special Outdoor Event

The perfect party if just a call to a professional pest control technician away! At BuzzOFF of Southwest Florida, we already know your guest list does not include biting insects and we’ve got a proven plan of action to help make sure your event goes off without a hitch. The nuisance of mosquitoes should not be on your mind while you’re taking care of the important details of your special event. Call today and BuzzOFF will schedule your special event mosquito barrier treatment and you can mark that off your list and get to the fun of planning!