As a resident of Naples, you know that mosquitos can cause a number of problems throughout the year, from itchy bites to the potential spread of diseases. Thankfully, there are several treatments and prevention methods that can be used to help control the mosquito population around your home. In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of treatments provided by BuzzOFF of Southwest Florida as well as some DIY options. With the right treatments in place, you can ensure that your home and family are safe from the potentially harmful effects of mosquitoes.

Techniques for Mosquito Treatment in Naples FL

Barrier Treatments: 

Our mosquito barrier treatments include a surface spray of the treatment area, larvicide spray, and fogging. The pest control plan is customized to your needs to provide the best treatment for both adult populations and mosquito larvae in your space. We target mosquitoes with our knowledge of their life cycle and behaviors, which makes our treatment very effective. A barrier treatment should be performed every 2-4 weeks, depending on your needs and preferences. 

Mosquito Misting Systems:

For more hassle-free mosquito treatment in Naples, we offer mosquito misting systems that provide superior services for pest issues! A mosquito misting system, which also kills other biting insects, is similar to your sprinkler system. BuzzOFF technicians install the system conspicuously throughout your outdoor spaces. This system is also effective for tick control. 

DIY Mosquito Treatment Options

You may want to get a one-time treatment from a local pest control company and then keep up with these DIY steps for continued control of mosquitoes. Or you may want to do everything you can simultaneously to ensure the pests are gone and don’t come back. Either way, you can use these DIY tips for mosquito pest management in your outdoor spaces. 

1. Change Your Water Sources: One of the easiest ways to reduce mosquitoes is to eliminate any standing water around your home. Standing water is a literal breeding ground for mosquitoes and the quickest way to create mosquito infestations. Check for pooled water in potted plants, buckets, barrels, bird baths, old tires, and anything else that might collect rainwater, especially during the rainy season. If it’s something that is supposed to contain water, like a bird bath, keep it cleaned regularly. 

2. Plant Mosquito-Repellent Plants: Certain plants such as citronella, marigolds, lavender, and catnip, emit smells that naturally repel mosquitoes. Plant these in pots around your porch or patio, or even in your garden. 

3. Install Screening: Insect screening material is widely available and can be fitted to doors and windows to create a barrier against mosquitoes. 

4. Use Natural Remedies: Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and citronella, or vinegar, garlic, and olive oil, can be used to create natural repellents. Place these ingredients in spray bottles and spritz in areas where mosquitoes tend to congregate. 

Benefits of Professional Mosquito Treatment Naples FL 

  • Effectiveness of professional treatments. Mosquito populations can be difficult to eradicate, especially in a hot and humid climate like Naples. While there are steps you can take to help prevent them, professional mosquito treatments are recommended.
  • Exposure to fewer chemicals. Let the pros handle treatment and you can have peace of mind that your family and pets are safe.
  • Professional mosquito control services also treat other biting insects. This will create much more comfort for you in your yard and outdoor spaces. 
  • Reduces Risk of Mosquito Borne Illnesses. Mosquito bites can spread mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus and Zika virus. Not only that, but your dogs are also at risk of heartworm disease from mosquito bites. Professional pest control services ensure that your outdoor spaces will be safe and free of pesky mosquitoes!
  • Enhances Quality of Life. If you live in Florida, you probably love it for its basically year round warm weather that allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces more often. With professional pest control solutions, you can spend more time outside of your home without biting pests

Mosquito Treatment Naples FL

Scheduling you mosquito treatment in Naples FL with BuzzOFF of Southwest Florida is easy! Contact us today through our website or call 239-430-0097. We service the Naples area as well as Fort Myers, Marco Island, Estero, Sarasota, and more! If you want to do more of your own research, we have a lot of information on the blog to help you with pest control around your home!