In SWFL, controlling mosquitoes around your home is something everyone has to deal with. Controlling mosquitoes in residential areas is much easier when more than just a few of the houses in a community or neighborhood are using mosquito control services or taking steps to make their outdoor spaces less appealing to mosquitoes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could also go to the pool or playground in your community and not have to deal with mosquito activity? Or go on a walk through your neighborhood without being bitten by mosquitoes? That’s why BuzzOFF of SWFL offers neighborhood mosquito treatments. These treatments are fully customized to communities to make all available outdoor activities a pleasure to participate in.

Neighborhood Mosquito Treatments and Control

Neighborhood mosquito treatments are the best way to control mosquito populations and prevent mosquito-borne illnesses on a large scale. These treatments can include all outdoor areas of your community including the pool, clubhouse, playgrounds, tennis courts, walking trails, yards, and more. The most important thing is the regulation of breeding sites, which are handed with mosquito barrier treatments where needed.

With neighborhood mosquito control plans, adult mosquito populations are controlled for both human health and for the enjoyment of outdoor community areas. According to the Florida department of health, Mosquito bites can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus disease, Zika virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis. Controlling large populations of mosquitoes is the most practical solution for disease control.

While neighborhood mosquito control programs are the most effective way to handle mosquito populations, there are a variety of things that communities can do collectively that will reduce nuisance mosquitoes.

Other Ways to Reduce Neighborhood Mosquito Activity

There are several ways that neighborhoods can work together to reduce the mosquito population and prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.

Source reduction:

Any area that can be used as a breeding ground for mosquitoes will be a target area when working on eradicating a mosquito problem. Source reduction means removing standing water, which is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. This can be done by regularly emptying and cleaning bird baths, wading pools, and other containers that can hold water. This can also include installing drainage systems in outdoor areas like yards and flowerbeds that hold water. Keeping swimming pools and ponds clean and circulating is also necessary for larval control. Any kind of standing water serves as the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Biological control:

This involves using predators and parasites to reduce the mosquito population. For example, fish like Gambusia affinis (mosquito fish) can be used to eat mosquito larvae in standing water. Some plants also contribute to the control of mosquitoes and can be planted strategically around a community and around homes for mosquito control.

Chemical control:

This involves using pesticides to kill mosquitoes. This can be done by applying larvicides (chemicals that kill mosquito larvae) to standing water or by using adulticides (chemicals that kill adult mosquitoes) to spray areas where mosquitoes are active. This is achieved with our mosquito barrier treatments, which target mosquito breeding and harborage areas. This treatment includes a surface spray, followed by jet fog harborage areas, and also includes larviciding of breeding areas.

Community education:

Community education is a critical component of any mosquito control program. In SWFL, mosquitos can be present year-round. This makes mosquito abatement an ongoing concern, no matter the time of year. Community education involves educating the community about the importance of source reduction and the role of mosquitoes in the spread of diseases.

Community-wide mosquito control program:

A community-wide mosquito control program can be organized by the local government, public health department, pest control company, or your community management. This type of program typically includes a combination of all of the above; source reduction, biological control, chemical control, and community education.

Other Home and Neighborhood Mosquito Solutions

At BuzzOFF of SWFL, we offer a number of services to control the mosquito population around your home. In addition to neighborhood mosquito treatments and barrier treatments, we also offer misting systems and special event mosquito treatment.

Misting Systems

Misting systems are complete systems installed conspicuously around your outdoor spaces. This installment consists of a tank, lines, and spray nozzles that run around your outdoor areas and regularly and automatically spray for the prevention of mosquito populations around your home. These can also be installed in community areas such as around swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc.

These systems are much like your irrigation systems that are set on an automatic schedule so they are hands off for you. Tank refills and maintenance are also scheduled ahead of time for your convenience and peace of mind.

Special Event Mosquito Treatment

Our special event mosquito treatment is perfect for an upcoming neighborhood event or a regular community event. Special event treatments will make your outdoor event in SWFL much more enjoyable as they not only rid your event of pesky mosquitos but also other flying insects such as no-see-ums and flies. These treatments are done on an as-needed basis and are usually completed a couple of days before the event. They can be scheduled ahead of time for recurring community events as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you wait to go outside after mosquito spraying?

If possible, it’s good to remain inside for 30 minutes after mosquito control products and larvicide products have been sprayed. While these products are considered safe, it is much less likely you’ll be breathing pesticides in the air if you wait for a short time before going outside.

How long after mosquito treatment can pets go outside?

Allow time, at least 30 minutes, for mosquito and larvicide products to dry before allowing your pets to go outside. Mosquito control products are considered safe, but since pets may lick their paws you don’t want them to step on wet pesticides and then accidentally ingest them. Keeping them inside until the products are dry will prevent any adverse health effects from the pesticides.

Can you be outside during mosquito spraying?

You do not need to be inside during neighborhood mosquito control. Truck spraying methods use an ultra low volume (ULV) aerosol spray that allows droplets to stay afloat in the air and kill flying insects. Only about 3 ounces of insecticide is sprayed per acre. Barrier treatments, however, are more concentrated and you may want to keep your family and pets inside until the products have dried just to avoid any possible irritations from the initial application.

How do I get rid of mosquitos in my neighborhood?

Neighborhood mosquito control requires the whole neighborhood to be on board, that’s why community education is important. You can have neighborhood mosquito treatments done in common areas, which will be effective. But individuals will need to take steps to reduce attractive areas for mosquitos on their own property or mosquito population control will be more of an uphill battle in your neighborhood.

Does rain affect mosquito spray?

Rain before or after an application does not affect the efficacy of mosquito sprays. These sprays are oil based and not washed off easily by water. For the most part, mosquito treatments are sprayed into the air, rather than on plants and surfaces, to kill flying insects.

Can I cut grass after mosquito spray?

It’s recommended that you cut your grass 1-2 days prior to a mosquito neighborhood or barrier treatment is applied. Then once it’s applied, give it at least 24 hours after the application mow again.

Schedule Your Neighborhood Mosquito Treatments

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