Non toxic mosquito control is a focus for many people in southwest Florida. We live in a beautiful, subtropical climate with lots of opportunities to spend time outdoors, doing the things we love. Mosquito bites are not on our list of things we love. Mosquito populations tend to be high in climates like ours because they have longer breeding seasons, basically all year round. While mosquitos will die down some in the Winter months when temps can get chilly, they may not entirely disappear since there are still so many hot days. Mosquito larvae can hang on through drying out for up to 8 months and even survive winter conditions. So when it warms up frequently, they can become active quickly.

The good news is, there are treatments that can be employed to effectively control mosquito populations. While we will never get rid of these insects entirely, we can mitigate the situation in our most frequent living spaces and even on our personal bodies with non toxic mosquito control methods.

Why mosquitos should be controlled

Mosquitos are just pesky insects that make you want to walk around in a cloud of bug spray. Some mosquitoes carry viruses that can be detrimental to humans. Some of these mosquito-borne diseases include zika virus, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and more. Controlling the mosquito population around your home is important to deter these carriers of diseases.

There are 80 different species of mosquitoes in Florida and employing effective treatments is important. According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, “Of these species, nearly a quarter are considered public health threats due to the pathogens they may transmit, including endemic viruses and exotic viruses.”

Non Toxic Mosquito Control Methods

There are many ways to control mosquitoes and it’s best to use a combination of several ways. Below are the most effective methods to control mosquitoes that are non toxic.

Chemical control

Chemical control is probably not the first method that you think of when you think of non toxic methods. While any chemical, inorganic or even organic plant chemicals, can be toxic in excess, the Environmental Protection Agency has approved a specific and appropriate use of insecticides as non toxic and safe for humans, animals, and children. When used as directed it has been found safe in many scientific studies. Chemical control of mosquitoes is not only safe, but it is also the most effective method of mosquito and disease control.

BuzzOFF Barrier Treatments

BuzzOFF offers several different types of mosquito control. Our barrier treatments are the most cost-effective method for the removal of both adult mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. Most mosquito control companies perform fogging, but BuzzOFF SWFL goes beyond that with its multifaceted approach that is more effective. Before beginning treatment, BuzzOFF will customize a treatment program for your targeted outdoor areas. They identify all of the areas around your home and property that are potential mosquito breeding and harborage areas.

The treatment begins with a surface spray of the targetted area. The surface spray is an additional step that BuzzOFF SWFL takes in order to ensure the eradication of your mosquito problem. This surface spray is done with extreme care not to spray sensitive areas in your outdoor spaces, such as edible vegetation, like a vegetable garden, and areas like fish ponds or water gardens. After the surface treatment, a mosquito fogger is used to jet fog mosquito harborage areas such as shrubbery and other likely locations. On top of these extensive treatment methods, our barrier treatment also includes larviciding of breeding areas. Larviciding is the direct application of liquid larvicide (insecticide) applied directly to standing water where larvae may be living. The barrier treatment is reapplied every two to four weeks and is the best option for lower-cost mosquito treatments.

BuzzOFF Misting System

The BuzzOFF SWFL mosquito misting system is a non toxic mosquito control solution that provides longterm eradication of those annoying mosquitoes. Misting systems are a series of small lines running from a tank, with spray nozzles attached periodically throughout the system. These lines are run discretely, hidden or blended into your landscaping, and run throughout your target area. The system is programmed to automatically spray the chemical mosquito repellent on a set schedule. You also have. reliable tank refill and maintenance schedule from installation going forward.

The BuzzOFF SWFL mosquito misting system is one of the best ways to handle pest control in your outdoor spaces in a subtropical climate as we have in southwest Florida. Once this system is installed, your yard will look untouched by this completely disguised system and you’ll be ready to enjoy your outdoor spaces without biting insects or having to cover up in long sleeves and sticky bug spray.

Source Reduction

One very important natural treatment for mosquito population control is to reduce the sources of breeding and harborage areas on your property. Mosquitos will move in and multiply if your outdoor spaces are conducive to their lifestyle. They love a good water feature with standing water, like a bird bath, or a yard that holds water after it rains. If the surface water is sitting still, it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are so many different things in your outdoor spaces that are collecting water all the time, most of which you probably never thought of to be an issue.

  • Tire swings
  • Clogged gutters
  • Empty pots or planters
  • Children’s toys
  • Piles of brush or yard waste like leaves
  • Bird baths

Walk around your property and do a thorough inspection of every area, even areas far from your home. Look for stagnant water that can be dumped or otherwise removed. Turn empty pots upside down, remove drain trays for outside plant pots and let the water drain out onto the ground instead. Remove fixtures like bird baths and replace tire swings with an alternative that cannot collect water. Checking your property regularly for these types of things will help reduce the mosquito population in your immediate area.

You can also add mosquito dunks or mosquito bits to any standing water that you cannot remove, such as excess water pooling in your yard.

Environmental Control

Making larger changes to your outdoor spaces can be a more long-term natural alternative solution. Creating an environment that is not welcoming to mosquitoes like removing bodies of water like Koi ponds. Or if you have an issue. withstanding water in your yard, you may want to install a drainage system that allows water to drain from your yard underground and away from mosquito access.

Another option would be to screen in your most used outdoor spaces, such as your pool or deck in order to separate yourself from any existing mosquitos. These are obviously larger and more costly projects but would be effective in controlling mosquito issues.


Mosquito traps are another viable option for your outdoor spaces, although they are likely to attract more mosquitoes into the area which defeats the purpose. A mosquito trap has to be a mosquito magnet to be effective. Mosquito traps work by mimicking human or mammalian scents and body heat that provide cues that a host (the person or animal they feed off of) is nearby to female mosquitoes out looking for a meal. The vast majority of mosquito traps use carbon dioxide, produced through the combustion of propane or via a CO2 cylinder as the primary attractant.

Sticky traps, on the other hand, are made with bait All you do is add some bait consisting of something sweet like honey, fruit juice, sugar water, or some nectar-containing flower. Mosquitos actually feed off of nectar more than anything else. Female mosquitoes are actually the only ones who bite humans or animals. The reason for this is that nutrients from our blood are needed for the mosquito to be able to produce and lay eggs. Sticky traps use food to draw in the mosquitos and once they are stuck, they will eventually die. This isn’t a long-term solution though, because as with other traps, they draw in more mosquitos who will continue to breed and not all of the mosquitos will end up in your traps.

Personal Protection

Personal mosquito protection such as natural mosquito repellents that are applied to the skin, like essential oils, or citronella candles that can be placed around your outdoor living spaces, can be helpful in deterring mosquitoes. Natural repellents are made in many different forms such as sprays, lotions, reusable bracelets, and more. You can also plant helpful mosquito-repelling plants around your yard like a citronella plant, also known as lemongrass.

Essential oils like oil of lemon eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and citronella oil, may help as an organic mosquito control method for your personal protection. Mosquito sprays may also be helpful, but can often have a strong, unpleasant smell. There are many options, even plant-based mosquito repellents that don’t contain harmful chemicals. Wearing long pants and long sleeves is also helpful in outdoor settings that have a high mosquito population.

Get Started With Mosquito Control

If you are interested in learning more about BuzzOFF SWFL’s mosquito treatment methods or would like a free estimate, call us at 239-430-0097 or contact us online today. Our goal is to protect your health, property, and your quality time spent outdoors.