At BuzzOFF of Southwest Florida, we have years of experience specializing in effective mosquito control services. These pesky insects not only pose a risk to public health, but they also affect your quality of life. We know that property owners in Florida want to enjoy their outdoor spaces without dealing with mosquito bites and the potential for mosquito-borne illnesses. The Florida Department of Health regularly monitors mosquito-borne diseases throughout the state to protect human health and recommends that you consult pest control experts for mosquito control solutions.

Our pest control services range from a one-time mosquito control service for an outdoor event to a system that treats your pest problem long-term. We see any mosquito population around your home in South Florida as a serious issue, that’s why we provide a variety of effective mosquito exterminator treatments. Our mosquito treatments are also highly effective for no-see-ums. Those pesky sandflies are also biting insects and are attracted to the same conditions as mosquitos.

Barrier Treatments

Barrier treatments are a great service for killing and repelling mosquitoes and no-see-ums in your yard. This customized home mosquito control program is a popular program and a cost-effective option.

For barrier treatments, our mosquito control technicians will do a detailed inspection of your property to identify breeding and harborage areas. Then they will perform a surface spray treatment of the target area followed by jet fogging any harborage areas and larviciding breeding areas.

Our trained and licensed mosquito control technicians will perform a mosquito barrier treatment in your yard every 2 to 4 weeks in order to continue to enforce that protective barrier against mosquito populations.

Misting Systems

The BuzzOFF mosquito misting system, one of our most effective mosquito control programs, is similar to your water irrigation system for your yard. This system is installed by our professional mosquito exterminators for long term use and ongoing treatment against mosquito activity.

A licensed technician will install this system very inconspicuously so that your yard and outdoor spaces are seemingly unchanged, yet you have a constant counter attack against adult mosquitoes and larvae in your yard. This custom mosquito control solution can be tailored to your desired target areas. Your technician will make suggestions regarding target areas based on identified breeding and harborage areas. At no additional cost, your technician will also conduct a surface spray treatment of the target area, as well as jet fog treatment and larviciding when necessary.

This system will be set to run automatically after installation, so it can be totally hands-off for you and your family. You will also be given a remote to control the system should you need or want to. You’ll also be given a schedule for filling the tank, testing, and performing maintenance. This no-fuss, automatic system is a favorite of our customers and an always effective way to treat ongoing mosquito issues.

Neighborhood Mosquito Control

The above services are excellent solutions for your outdoor spaces and yard, but what about your neighborhood? Treating the areas around your home and yard will help reduce the number of mosquitos trying to make their way into your personal outdoor spaces to begin with. This can make mosquito control much easier for you.

BuzzOFF offers mosquito treatment to neighborhoods as well. We can spray large areas around places like clubhouses, pools, yards, jogging paths, or any outdoor area. This service is customized to each neighborhood to produce the best results for everyone living nearby. This is also a helpful service if you have a playground in your community that you and your neighbors can’t enjoy regularly because of mosquito infestations. Neighborhood mosquito control takes care of these problems and is a great way to make your whole neighborhood a more enjoyable place to enjoy the great outdoors.

Special Event Mosquito Treatment

Special event mosquito treatment is a must-have service if you are planning a one-time event in Southwest Florida. A mosquito problem during an outdoor event can spell disaster for a party or other special event, especially during peak mosquito seasons.

This special event mosquito treatment is a modified version of our barrier treatments that is typically done the day before your event. This ensures that adult mosquitos are taken care of before the time of your event. You can call ahead of time or just a few days before and our expert technicians will handle the rest. Mosquitos are the last thing you should have to think about don’t the day of your event.

Household Pest Control

We don’t just do outdoor mosquito treatments! We also provide residential indoor and outdoor pest control services which are an effective way to keep all common insects and pests and away from your home. Our trained and licensed technicians will complete indoor and outdoor treatment that will help control the following:

  • All species of spiders
  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants
  • Roaches (excluding German Roaches)
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Silverfish
  • Wasps
  • Millipedes
  • Centipedes
  • Ground beetles
  • Earwigs
  • Pill bugs
  • Sowbugs

After the initial treatment, our technicians will return quarterly for first-rate monitoring and ongoing treatment in and around your home. You do not have to be home for quarterly treatments unless you just want to be present. We will notify you in advance of your quarterly service date without you even having to call. This service does not require a contract or commitment of any kind. Stop and start services at your discretion.

Service Areas

BuffOFF Southwest Florida covers a wide service area and currently provides mosquito control services in the following counties:

  • Collier County
  • Charlotte County
  • Lee County
  • Sarasota County

Why Choose BuzzOFF Southwest Florida?

BuzzOFF of Southwest Florida is locally owned and family-operated. We’ve been serving Southwest Florida communities since 2005. You can count on us to provide the best customer service and pest control products on the market. You’ll find many mosquito control companies throughout Southwest Florida, but no other pest control company will provide a better customer experience than BuzzOFF! If you are considering mosquito or other pest control services, BuzzOFF Southwest Florida is the company for you.

We stand behind our services and offer a complimentary inspection and estimate for services at your home. Not sure which service would be best for you and your home? No problem! Our professional technicians will take a look around and assess the situation before giving you their expert suggestions so you can make an informed decision and mosquito treatment for your home.

If you’re ready to get started with a free estimate, contact us today.